A fashion, trend and lifestyle commentary portal exploring personal interests, photography, art, style and design while expressing one's truest love and appreciation of the culture of fashion.


Established in 2007 by Editor Olivia Usai, Fashion Somebody is a unique and highly inventive web log that discusses current issues in the Fashion industry and other associated pathways. It not only talks about the latest fashion trends but also highlights social developments, fashion events, latest books, films, exhibitions, sample sales and personal interests. Fashion somebody delivers the ultimate package that every fashionista needs while also inventively incorporating articles typically associated with the definition an online magazine.

Fashion Somebody is regularly updated with industry news, catwalk and trend reviews, diary dates for the latest and up-coming industry events, shows and exhibitions. Most-of-all, this site endeavors to maintain its place as a varied and informative fashion space and is aimed at those who enjoy and appreciate the culture of fashion.

Fashion Somebody is unique because it focuses on fashion as a way of life rather than just clothing.

Hope you enjoy it!

Liv xx